Please Help with Phone Bill Verification

Hello, just tried making my purchases through Gameflip (purchased something earlier but am currently waiting for pending), but it was immediately flagged for review and asked for verification. I had no problem providing verification for ID and my cards, however I have a question about verifying my phone. I also submitted tickets through support (#423184). I am unable to submit proof of documentation for phone verification because I am under my father and step mother’s plan and name so it isn’t under my name and it does not include our address since we live in the same house. Second, we no longer receive billings through the mail as we have paperless billing through Cricket Wireless. However, I have attached a JPG with the most recent billing that is given through the Cricket Wireless website which is the best documentation that I can provide. On the screenshot under “Billing” and “Transaction History” you will see that my number is the first number in the plan. My proof of ID and credit and debit cards were approved and this is the last thing thats pending, would be great if this gets resolved quickly so I am able to receive my purchase. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

My invite code is DJUF41. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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