Need help verifying payment!

Hello, my invite/profile code is ESKMRE.

I cannot verify my debit card because I am on my mother’s phone plan. Therefore, the address and name on the bill do not show my information. Additionally, we pay everything through our phone company’s (Verizon) app therefore we do not have a paper bill that I’m assuming gameflip is expecting. I can get a screenshot of my name and phone number, but there will be no address. Is there a way to go around this? I can verify with my bank information if the phone is not required…but I’d have to cancel my ‘add funds’ transaction to do it. Just wanted to know if it was possible for I do so.

I don’t think you need the phone bill to verify payment method. On this page:, the tab that lists your card is where you can verify your debit card as long as you have the physical card. I verified my debit card recently and it went through fine. The verify phone with the phone bill may be to verify your phone number but I’m not sure.

No for me it says I have to verify with a phone bill, credit card, and photo id

Huh, I am not sure then. The only payment verification I went through was a verification check from my card provider during the checkout process. I hope your issue gets fixed soon.