Unfairly banned

Hello Gameflip??? I am 100% unfairly banned for swearing, I am 27 years old and do not think I deserve a ban for swearing when the person insulted me first ! This isn’t fair. I need my account back this is my main source of income


I know a couple buyers who reported you. Just remember to treat people how you want to be treated or use the block feature to prevent this from happening again.

Please be patient with mods, I am sure one will assist you asap. It would also help to @ a mod you are trying to reach.

Good luck!



Please only open one topic while you wait for a moderator or your ticket to be resolved.

I closed the other 2 topics since they are both related to the same thing.

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I do :joy: ya ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ grow up

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As @Noxcy said, making multiple topics will not help you.

According to you, you’re 27. I am only a few years younger than you and it’s sensible to not swear back at someone. If they do it to you, block them, report them and move on.


Hey @Odd_Wolf,

Keep in mind that manners go a long way and we do not accept this type of behavior or language here.

Also, since this type of behavior is being repeated here, your Gameflip account will not be able to be released and you will be permanently banned here too.

God Speed! :trident:


How to shoot yourself in the foot while you’re already bleeding out 101. You deserved the ban. Idiot


bruh you ask to be unbanned, and then you start insulting people. What a great way to keep your main source of income!


Hey everyone,

Since this situation has already been resolved, I will be closing this topic ok.

Hope everyone has an awesome week ahead!

God Speed! :trident: