Hello Guys I'm back on gameflip I miss yall!

Hello guys. I hope everyone of you doing well first of all <3

I got back to gameflip a couple days ago, i made a mistake, I really didn’t mean to do something against the rules, I was just selling gifts and accounts and i’ve got banned for like 30 days, i’m kinda happy they just banned me for 30 days, I talked to them about it and i want to tell every admin or moderator watching my post now, I’m sorry I never ever want to scam or anything on this website it’s my favorite website of all the time, I make sure my customers are satisfied 100% before i accept their orders, I even tell them if they need anything else before i accept their orders and the admins can even check my account and see the chat between me and the buyers, I never meant to scam anyone or anything, I just want to apologize for gameflip, I’ll be waiting for sure until my ban is gone. cheers! love y’all guys!