GameFlip account temp banned (Please help if you can)

I tried logging in today to rate and complete a transaction today. To my surprise I was temp banned (Until Feb 16 2020). I think it’s because a buyer asked if I had anymore Fortnite codes to which I replied “yes” to and the buyer then asked for the link in which I told said buyer I only have codes left on Ebay. Buyer then asks for the link and I send it over messaging on here. I am sorry I may have broken TOS by accident. I would’ve not sent the link at all because I don’t like giving out my social media anymore (got harassed to many times) and wanted to keep things safe by remaining to chat on here. I do not wish to sell anything on gameflip for awhile I simply just want my account back because this has been one of the best websites for gift card I have ever been on. If anyone can help me it would really be appreciative and again i am sorry for breaking TOS I wouldn’t have sent any kind of link if I would have known that wasn’t allowed at all. I was not selling any codes I had listed on here.

I would also like to add that I have since then deleted the Ebay listing to avoid any further conflict.