Unsolve request ticket pls help....

I have two issue unsolve in ticket request long queue:

1- I purchase gift card code but the code not work anymore. The code i bought already been redeemed before me. Can you check for my issue and cancel my purchase?

Order ID : 1c82ef98-e78b-4df1-baa4-914f47c06b8c
My invite code TU4K4T

2- Same issue like before. Another invalid steam wallet code. I receive invalid code. I cant use the code, its not legit. The description shown after insert the code :

“The Steam Wallet code you have entered is invalid. Please carefully verify the characters as you re-enter the code.”

Order ID: 5390b4ee-2afa-4de0-b3a5-a69d90d71bc1
My invite code TU4K4T

Can help me cancel both purchase. Thanks.

Just answered your tickets. Thanks!

Hello can help with one other ticket. Thanks.