Verify id account

Hello, I have sent the my id card information 4 day ago .But until now, it has not been confirmed . Help me .Thanks ! My code : J9CBMF

Hello HungTran,

Contacting @DarkKnight or @MajorTom will likely speed this up for you. It took me only 2 days to get verified.

Thanks, Aeralo.

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And now I receive this email:

Hello Hưng Trần,

Your application for “identity” verification was rejected (Account suspended).
Please correct and reapply.


Team Gameflip

Questions? We’re always here for you! Check our FAQs or submit a ticket via the Help Center in our app or on

Can anyone explain me what’s going on?


Your account was banned since this account is an alternate one from an account that was already suspended.

You were previously suspended for exploitation of Gameflip’s marketplace and/or Credits system, so keep in mind that creating or trying to use new accounts will result in permanent suspension as well.