Verify phone and voip

hi! I can’t verify my phone number, your system write me this message:
“Phone must be mobile not voip”

I was write my phone number, active sim card!
What wrong? Why i can’t do this? I registered to buy and sell goods, but I have been waiting about a week.

I wrote a friend’s number, friend of a friend, but still wrote this malicious inscription.
In my personal number, your system reacts the same way, ask you to understand this issue!

Gameflip does not support registrations to be made via voip. Could you please input your phone number on the link below and check what shows up as the “type”?

Need i registration on this site? I was put my number and I wrote my number, but do not get anything

Can I ask a friend in making a sms acceptance?
Or you can manually enter my number?