Welcome Gameflip Studios and Icarus Online

Hello Flippers,

As previously announced in our FLIP Medium Blog, we at Gameflip are entering the game publishing business and now we proud to announce Gameflip Studios!

Our first title is Icarus Online and it will be published in Latin America, initially in the Portuguese language.
Through a direct partnership with Icarus Online developers Valofe, we will officially launch the closed beta for Icarus Online in PT-BR in April 2019.

Check here the early version of the game website: https://studios.gameflip.com/icarus

Icarus Online, published by Gameflip Studios, features fast-paced, action-oriented, mounted combat powered by CryEngine 3. Explore the world of Midellas to capture dragons and hundreds of other mythical creatures. Capture almost every creature in the game that can serve as a mount or train them further as a pet to fight alongside you in battle. Take to the skies on the back of a dragon and battle flying monsters or team up with other players for raids against gigantic, skyscraper-sized behemoths. Collect and train hundreds of pets, make new friends and explore dangerous dungeons, and save the world of Midellas from the legions of Ruin.

Our version of Icarus Online is also going to be harder to progress, so we envision this MMORPG to be like “Dark Souls meets Pokémon” (available only in Portuguese).

If you are interested about the game, follow Icarus on social media:


We are happy to share the news and hope to bring more for you soon!

-Gameflip Team


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