What does pending cash mean?

I just sold something and it’s been placed in pending cash. What does that mean?

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Check this LINK

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Thank you!****

Why is my Cash pending?? Gameflip help

There is on hold for the third day …Why so long?

You are probably new to Gameflip, As you establish a good selling record over a period of time, the amount of days that the cash from completed sales is held will be reduced and may even be instantly available.

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Pending Cash 127.29$

I’m not a newbie. I have over 40 sales…
Transactions are all completed… There has never been such a thing that money does not come to the account!!

I got my instant cash after 300 sales or more I dont remember … So it will remain pending and no one can help you with that. if you continue to sell it will be reduced to 2 days then one and to instant.