what happened to FLP?

When i try to convert money to FLP i lose them.

For 100$ i will receive 6666.67 of FLP that is worth ~83$.

Same when someone try to sell with FLP items is lose.

When i put item for 20$, including accepting FLP is only 1333.33 FLP that is worth 16$.

Don’t worry you haven’t lost anything the exchange rates just have been changed from 1 usd=100 flp to 1 usd= 66.6 flp (since flp is a digital coin like btc it can go down or up)

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Well, 66.6 flp is not 1usd, that is a problem. If you withdraw them from gameflip you will lose money. Look arround gameflip, no one sell anymore with FLP cuz of this.

66.6 is now 84cents.

Idk about withdrawals bcs i never tried to withdraw flp but i mean if you had lets say for example 100 flp before the update that was 1$ but now these 100 flp can buy you something for 1.5$ so this is a win idk why flp listings have disappeared from the market

100flp is 1.2$ - not 1.5$

All listing disappeared because as i said, gameflip has bad converting. You just lose money.

as i said before, 66.6 should be 1$ but is 84cent, so people who were selling with FLP were losing money, it was like extra 20% of fees.

I can’t understand your point of view but I’m sure 100 flp is 1.50 dollar, 1000flp is 15$ and so on it’s a profit if you want to buy something and you already had many flp during the old exchange rate

Before the new exchange rate the same 1000 flp could only get you a 10$ item

1000 FLP is NOT 15$ - This is problem, now you get it?

1000 FLP is 12,859$ on exchangers. If you sell this item, and later withdraw money to ethereum, you will receive like 11-12$. This is a problem.

https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/gameflip/usd - here you have how much FLP is worth now.

I said i don’t use flp for exchanging that’s why i don’t see it as a problem but indeed as a seller/buyer a profit idc about withdrawing i only withdraw usd i don’t depend on digital coins because they are not stable

You can do like me try to buy listings with flp and sell them with usd and withdraw directly from usd it’s better and safer

  1. Well, no one sell anymore with FLP

  2. Is not good if Gameflip give underprice cuz if you sell with FLP is probably because I wanna withdraw it and exchange later to btc/ethereum or just to $.

  3. Gameflip should fix it, otherwise no one will use FLP. I wont use it as long price not gonna be fair.

  4. It would be same if Gameflip would add BTC and pay you only 3000$ for it when now is 9000$.

after this no one not will sell any thing with flp

Some of it is alts go down when BTC goes up…buy It probably will continue to lose value because new customers get ■■■■ customer service and this company can’t handle any type of influx of new customers. Their service can’t handle the customers they have, thus growth is impossible. If you’re holding FLP, you might get a bump in value short term. But long term it will be worthless.

The problem this this presents for sellers is…if a buyer buys FLP knowing it will go down against the US dollar and bitcoin they will be able to exploit sellers who listed their items when FLP had more value.

Easy fix: Gameflip deals with its customer service fiasco. No online exchange survives without a solid customer service. Period.

Until then, sellers will continue to get screwed on FLP and buyers will get screwed when they can’t validate an order or have an issue.