no flp listings

i have been searching to buy something using flp as i have some flp money with me but i cant find any genuine listing , what happened to flp sellers?

Because is not worth

gameflip for 1$ gives 66.67 of flip while 66.67 of flip is 0.81$ so you can see that seller lose 20% on any selling.

Before i sold my all products with flp but suddenly gameflip changed flip rate,
before was 100 flp~$1, it was good, but now 66flp~$1, if i want to sell my flp today its 0.50 cents
Gameflip killed own project, now no volume on exchange platforms,
i think flip token will be delist soon
this was gameflip mistake

Besides that not even Featured Sellers (which are advertised by Gameflip) are selling for FLP! I just checked that Skin House that sells CS-GO Skins and Gameflip’s twitter was promoting him 2 days ago - but not even he sells for FLP!
If not even the featured sellers that are the Gameflip’s partner are selling for FLP, it sure doesn’t look attractive to sell for FLP for any other seller that is not even being promoted.

I used to sell flp listings with great discount off +5$ but i stopped bcs i cant spend them anywhere

Good evening, since I was quoted, already made many sales by flp, unfortunately now I am not accepting, because I work exclusively with usd / btc, and gameflip is not promoting me, if the store is on twiter and facebook as a highlight and with impressive score , it’s because it deserves to be there, and nowhere does it say that featured stores have to accept flp and partner with gameflip, each store chooses at what time to sell and how to sell, regardless of the currency it will use, currently only for USD, if flp doesn’t pay now one day it might be worth it again, worse and seeing seller announce hydra keys at 3.50 flp and having people buying, i could raise my prices and sell by flp, but it’s not advantageous, especially for those who buy.


Sir Triplou, even bought several keys of mine for flp :grinning:

Yea that was long time ago :sweat_smile:

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Is just not worth for sellers to use FPL cuz on any selling they lose 20% of “Fees”.
Later we have to sell them (flp) if we wanna money, if gameflip could just make it better for sellers (like 0% of fees or something).


Indeed it’s a good point. I’m really glad to see the even the notorious member came here to confirm what I previously said: not even advertised members are selling for FLP anymore. That looks pretty bad for the currency.

Can anyone check my post out, it’s really scary because I was one of the sellers who accepted FLP for all sorts of listings from Fortnite keys to any giftcard, I didn’t send my FLP out which makes me wonder if I was suspended permanently because of my FLP balance? No admin or any Gameflip team member even replies and my account had 300 positive reviews and only 3 bad ones, reason for suspension is that I sold a redeemed code, I never received a warning or even a chance to solve the dispute, so I would really appreciate if I could get help because I am legit seller who does this for living so please help, thanks!