suggestions for the Flip Token (FLP) event "Gameflip FLP Flash Deal"

hello, just want to give feedback. if possible last event “Gameflip flash deal” is held again, with the record only accept FLP in the purchase of the event (Gameflip FLP flash deal). this is very good to encourage sellers to accept FLP other than usd, and certainly the goods sold must be a big discount for wanting to get FLP. this is very good for FLP searchers (sellers) and searchers for good prices alias discount (buyers)

Warm regards : 1SUHKW

I don’t think it’s coming back since the bot(s) would beat out regular users to the good deals.

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to be honest I have never had a flash deal. and whether the gameflip itself can anticipate if there is a bot follow this event? and does all bots or users have FLP? this moment can make users search for FLP by selling items for FLP itself besides usd. and this is certainly a good impact also for the future of FLP. because pushing the number of sellers will accept FLP

if you have no initiative , i will



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