What is BOT Trade Sub for?

Can I use Bot trades subscription to sell Digital Item codes?? like Digital game Codes, or skin codes??

its for csgo items (skins, keys, cases etc)

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Hello @yousafzafar

Bot Trades are for games such as CS:GO, which will do it automatically. If you’re wanting to sell digital codes, you can input the code into Gameflip’s database, and when someone buys it, the code will be auto sent to them.

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So if I sell fortnite skins, the Bot trade’s sub will be applicable? Cuz Bot trades say 4%

Fortnite all seem to be coordinated transfer. Game likes CS:GO, TF2 (formerly PUBG), Dota 2, and more have in-game items that can be traded to bots then later retrieved immediately by the buyer.

It does NOT apply to digital codes.

You would want one of the other 3 plans available depending on how much you make a month in sales.

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wow thats sad, so for fortnite best option for me is th 8% commission lol