Subscriptions? Question

So if I buy the bot trade sub I would onlu have 4% fee on all items I sell? Or i still have the 10% fee ?

4% you will have, but only on items you add on bots (like csgo/dota2 etc)

So not 10%?

Only for 4% till your reach cap of $5000.00 USD

This is nice. Is it safe to use the bot? How to detect if its fake

It’s completely safe, make sure you check everything before confirming the trade on Steam.

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These are a few extra security tips to avoid any issue while trading with bots or even purchasing selling any item online:

  • Use a good anti virus (there are free good ones and great paid ones);
  • Use a good anti malware;
  • When making bot trades, use the mobile app or any web browser in private mode.

Thank you.

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So if i buy bot subscription i don thave to buy the other ones? My overall fee will be only 4%? Also how does it work when someone buysM

If you only do bot trades you’ll only need the bot subscription. Bot items will have 4% taken up to $5000 in sales, other items will have normal fees. However, if you want to sell in other areas you may want to consider the others as well. I’m personally using Bot Club and Pro Club as I sell both skins and digital items/misc. stuff.

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