Selling via bot and the "Suggested price"

Hi, i was just curious about using the bot for selling csgo items. For one, can it be unlisted (Like a draft), can i trade it in then subscribe to the “Bot club” (The subscription)? For the suggested prices, are those supposed to be the steam prices? If so how often do they update the prices? Because one of my items is currently worth around $135 and it shows up as $125. The % that’s off on a item is incredibly important and i want buyers to know that they’re getting a good deal. If it is Steam prices they truly should update their price more often because it hurts sellers.

You would just need to purchase/make sure the subscription is active before a buyer purchases your item.

I’m not sure how often they update, but it seems to be at least every few hours. Sometime I notice I’m pulling a cached version of the page and hard refreshing with shift + F5 will allow me to see the updated price.