Help Needed With TF2 Listing

Hi, I want to sell in-game TF2 items. I have already sold an item via bot delivery, but now the option to sell via bot delivery isn’t showing up when I go to list other TF2 items. The only option I have is for a co-ordinated delivery which I haven’t the time for.

I subscribed to the bot club for $1 per month and that didn’t even change the delivery method when I went to list a TF2 item for sale.

What am I doing wrong here and why has the option for bot delivery been removed?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

TF2 has coordinated delivery method only (no bot delivery) since 2018 July. TF2, unlike CSGO, has limited inventory space for bots to operate.

Subscribing to a bot subscription does not “unlock” bot trading for a game; subscriptions are for lowering selling fees.

Well, that sucks!

To get notifications of a sale would I have to download the app then?

It says in settings #### Transactions We always notify you to advise which action to take to complete a sale transaction or a bank transfer.

But it doesn’t state how they notify - email - phone - steam, or just on the account!
Thanks for your help, galacticarm.

To get notified about a sale you will need the mobile app as you said.

After getting the app, login into your account and your account’s notifications will be sent to your phone when you receive one.


Ok thanks for the help, DunnBiscuit!

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