What is YOUR favorite game?

This is a long old thread…

My favorite game/s, here is a list. I`m 44 years old and have been a gamer since I was 8 so…

Fallout 4 (currently playing - and cheating with mods)
Euro Truck Simulator
Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion
Elite Dangerous (I spend most of my time on this - which is limited, boo hoo.)

I do play other games, I prefer strategy and space games, rpg etc.

I`m also into retro gaming and have a MASSIVE collection of game roms and emulators. I also like the Witcher series… Metro 2033 et al.

Oh… I`m partial to the LEGO games too… Good fun with the kids.

Diablo II… Man, I used to get up at 3 in the morning just to play that before work… Those were the days… @borrower

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I have stuck with Fortnite, Minecraft PE, Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies. I feel sorry that I play them all without purchasing but get it free from apknite T_T. I will save money to buy them all in the future to become a truly gamer :<

Love Call of Duty and Rocket League!

Currently enjoying Borderlands 2 on the PS4 hehe

God speed!

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Absolutely Witcher 3

I like survival horror games

Right now im playing satisfactorybfor the secind time and it makes the days fly buy haha :joy:

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Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasym I just love Square style.

But also the Persona games from ATLUS are beautiful, and the music is excellent

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Shadow of the Colossus! Either version. I love the more stylized graphics of the original but the remake is also overwhelmingly gorgeous and didn’t add too much content to muddle the simplicity of the original.

The first Guild Wars was a very special game for me!

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Fortnite , Save the world takes the cake for me. Regardless of how much the developers could care less about it.

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Super mario maker. The idea of anybody having the ability to make their own Mario levels and share them with the world is amazing. It’s basically an official ROM hack.


The Witcher trilogy

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I have a long list of my favorite online games. It often depends on my mood. If I had a hard day at work, then this is definitely a shooter game … Counterstrike. I also often play Dota2, Butterfield, The Witcher and Darkwood. This is for the last week. Lol


My favourite game is Horizon Forbidden West because it has alot of features that are unique plus its graphics are amazing.

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It is Fallout right now, I play all the time highly recommend

I had a terrible PC growing up and mostly played older games. Some of my favourites include the original Diablo and Knights of the Old Republic which was my favourite game until I played the original Mass Effect trilogy. Good memories with Golden Axe 3 on the Sega Genesis too :slight_smile:

I don’t have many favorite games but the first I ever played was super Mario 64, and I really loved that. No game has really been able to catch that nostalgic for me. I guess Mario odyssey would be close.

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