What is YOUR favorite game?


This is a long old thread…

My favorite game/s, here is a list. I`m 44 years old and have been a gamer since I was 8 so…

Fallout 4 (currently playing - and cheating with mods)
Euro Truck Simulator
Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion
Elite Dangerous (I spend most of my time on this - which is limited, boo hoo.)

I do play other games, I prefer strategy and space games, rpg etc.

I`m also into retro gaming and have a MASSIVE collection of game roms and emulators. I also like the Witcher series… Metro 2033 et al.

Oh… I`m partial to the LEGO games too… Good fun with the kids.


Diablo II… Man, I used to get up at 3 in the morning just to play that before work… Those were the days… @borrower


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a very entertaining game with hours and hours of fun for those who both want to rip right through the story or explore the gigantic environment. It means besides fighting agaisnt your enemies, you also can roam around the game world, which is very interesting. At first, i got this game from top1apk. Then, i decided to buy it because i want to enjoy it with bigger screen on my TV.


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I hope you enjoy Gameflip.

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