What is YOUR favorite game?


If you have a favorite game that you love to play, no matter what time or day, comment yours. It can be any video game from ANY system.


This is almost an impossible question to Answer. I still enjoy the Warriors I have for the original Xbox. Can play it for hours at a time


I love Kingdom Hearts. I was so happy when they made it HD, I have really good memories of playing it with my brother.


In my own opinion GTA 4 was always my favorite since i live in the actual Liberty City


Easily my favorite game Final Fantasy 10 :slight_smile:
I’ve beaten it as least 4 times over the past few years.


Battlefield 3 on PC, I cannot forget how many hours I had put into this game. My startup page on Chrome was Battlefield instead of Google lol!


Probably the Halo games. As a kid I loved coop campaign with my brother and then later playing online was so fun. Honorable mention to WoW and Counter Strike games.


There are so many Games!

But my favorite franchise by far is Zelda. I love the Silent Hill and Resident Evil ones as well.


EVE Online, GTA IV, WoW, PoE, RuneScape - I love all mmo games. I also found great website https://mmoauctions.com where everybody can find people who offer different products like wow gold https://mmoauctions.com/world-of-warcraft/gold and it is pretty nice. Nowdays are lots of older players who do not have too much time for grinding intems or farming gold for better gear. This is great adventage for everybody who do not have as much time as before, when we are younger.


It’s realy hard to choose one favorite game. Even one per genre…