What are you playing right now?

I personally just finished playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and just started playing Sunset Overdrive. Borderlands was great, but this Sunset Overdrive is crazy! Ratchet and Clank is one of my all-time personal favorites games, and Sunset is like Ratchet on Over Charge (Get it. Cause that’s the energy drink in the game, ha). I heard it’s pretty repetitive, but it’s definitely one of those games that doesn’t take itself seriously, and that’s always a nice change of pace.


I’ve been hooked on elder scrolls online at the moment for my one. Witcher 3 is looking like my next game.


I’m making my way to taking over the world in Crusader Kings II along with becoming the ultimate hero in Skyrim and a foursome pirate in Assassins Creed Black Flag. I’m also keeping my nose to the grind stone in The World Among Us and playing out many many lives in several Choice of Games like Tin Star Thieves Gambit and Choice of the Robot.

And lastly, I’m taking care of my town in Animal Crossing while working my way to the gold in Mario Cart 7.

Im the kind of gamer that likes to play more then one game at a time…which also usually means that I don’t really ever finish games to fast lol But I’m in it to have fun in the game, not find the best way to get to the end ya know?

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How is Elder Scrolls btw? It’s on my list, but don’t know when I’ll get a chance to play it. I’m definitely thinking of diving into Witcher III next!

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Tell me how The Witcher III go’s! I have the first one but never got past the tutorial because of how I felt the controls were kinda wonky on my mac laptop…I think I’ll give it a second try.

And I know you were asking about ESO from Whiteowl, but I can answer some things also; The game is fun to play with friends more then just alone in my opinion. So make some friends or bring them over, make up a guild or join one, just make sure you have a party you can all level with at the same time. Some minor annoyances is how the story is driven as if this were a normal Elder Scrolls game, so your being called the hero of Tamriel and so on, but then it kinda hits you in the face that every single person running next to you is being called the same thing, so that’s kind of a let down.

During the Beta when I was playing, their were a lot of bug issues that didn’t seem to get resolved to his newest patch that came out and made the game free to play. But in the end, I’d say give it a shot because it’s free to play for now ya know?

HAHA that’s so intense! More power to you for doing all that. Tbh I use to be that way too. Playing several games at once like that (and still do sometimes). But I remember telling myself one day that I’m going to do my best to just play one game at a time. For the most part I’ve accomplished that haha

How many hours have you put into Skyrim to become the ultimate hero? And Black Flag was awesome! I’m a huge Assassin’s Creed fan and like 90%'d it. I wanted to try and get 100%, but ended up selling on Gameflip :laughing:

Now which Animal Crossing are you playing?! I want to get back into Animal Crossing, but haven’t played since the Game Cube version. In which I played like everyday for 6 months straight lol

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Well I do like to power though games at the same time…and when I say that I don’t mean try to finish fast either, I mean that I’ll focus on one game for about a week to even a month and get though as much as I can :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, first question you asked was about Skyrim: I am rounding a bit from memory but this current character may have just reached 200+ hours now? And most of that is actually just wondering around Skyrim also, so I actually haven’t finished to many quest. I had another playrokgh with over 400+ hours on it, but I deleted it because my game was really bugging out, and I figured that the save was corrupted. Which sucks because I was about ready to go after the final main mission XD

For Assassins Creed, I’m not worrying myself with getting 100% on this play though just yet, as it’s the first one still and I’m having to much fun just going though the missions and seeing my awesome ship in action!

And last was Animal Crossing. I’m playing Animal Crossing New Leaf on my 3DS actually, and it’s a lot of fun with the new features they added (even though I have never played a Animal Crossing game till now as clarification) But the best part is being able to connect on forums like TheBellTree Forums and having people come over all the time rather then just waiting to find one friend who plays. Add on that my town looks pretty awesome right now with the designs I’ve made to it and I’d say it’s a great game!

Im playing Batman:Arkham Knight


Ugh, I want to play Batman: AK so bad! How is it compared to the others?

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I’m on Dying Light now.

Play the guitar sometimes too, oh wait, wrong topic.

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How you liking Dying Light? Most people I’ve seen that play it don’t seem to care for it (and I can see why) but would love to hear why the illustrious JOkEr is playing it still (see what I did their :3)

I played less than 40 minutes, so It’s hard to drop a nice opinion here.

What I can tell right now is that this game has a HUGE problem. Just had to kill ONE single zombie in the first 30 minutes.
Gameplay is good, but why the hell do I need to use bumpers and triggers to jump? Feels awkward. Maybe later I’ll understand why.

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Diablo 3

I had no idea how freaking fun and addictive this game is after the story line. Its mindless grinding but very entertaining.

Just now seeing this post, sorry for the late response! I’m loving it, I played it on PC when it first came out last year and boy was it ridiculously horrible. Now after all this time, they have really crafted a solid game and the best part is no monthly subscriptions (even though I did buy the optional eso plus for the cash shop tokens and extra gold and XP when leveling)

Right now? Im playing teen graphic designer who should probably be sleeping aka real life lol. But in my spare time I’ve been having a lot of fun with the original scribblenauts lol. Just got a ds lite recently, a system that ive more or less wanted for 5-6 years.

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Destiny! Good way to game with friend and get some raids going!

MoW AS2, game is HARD. Also the Doom closed alpha :smiley:

I have a few games I play regularly, but I play COD:AW mostly so that I play multiplayer. I also like Halo 4 and Titanfall.

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Will be playing For Honor this weekend

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I too have lots of games in my gaming library kept in my room. But in all those games I like Playing Call of Duty World War 2 the most which I have bought from the [Official site] of Instant-gaming. Yeah, I agree with Nitesite, Destiny 2 is also a great game to play as mainly the characters included in the game resembles a multiplayer action throughout the series.

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