Why does my withdrawal need approval?

I’m new to gameflip and sold a few things right away and I could transfer the money immediately. Now it says my last 3 sales are need approval to withdrawal to PayPal . It’s been over 24 hours for 2 of the sales . Just confused and looking for a little help

I honestly think new accounts made on Gameflip that try to withdraw money should all have to get verified before allowing the withdrawal personally… There are far too many scam seller accounts popping up and trying to quickly rip people off, take the money and run.

At least if they are forced to verify from being able to make a withdrawal, Gameflip could still force refund victims that got scammed after the selling account gets banned.

Sorry if its making things harder for you, but overall I personally would like to see this enforced more so that less scammers use this site knowing they wont be able to get in and out quickly.

Yea I mean I’m brand new to gameflip so This is a big learning experience from me . Just was confused to as why I could get my money instantly before and now it needs approval. I mean everyone I dealt with gave me good ratings and stuff . Just seems weird them having the item and I don’t have anything yet. Thought that’s why your suppose to only confirm the deal after you receive the item to avoid this .

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Frequent requests to withdraw, or high dollar amount could be reasons for the review. They might want to confirm identity in order to prevent fraud.

Hmm ok . I did confirm my identity already and had 2 successful withdrawals immediately. Think it’s a combination of me having a new account , and a few withdrawals over $25-$30 plus it’s the weekend and I guess those don’t count as days for approval since they are not business days .

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