Why I'm Banned? o.O

Hello sir/maam good morning,

I just want to ask why I’am banned I just want to change the card I used since you guys dont approve my Mastercard (Paymaya Virtual Card) So I’am using my Visa card (Paymaya Physical Card) and submit it to you then yesterday then suddenly today it was banned? o.O

I dont have problem using your site for 10 months using Paypal now and I forced to Credit card since there’s no paypal as mode of payment and this is what happen to me? o.O

My gameflip account has good green emojo (Good Buyer Ratings)

Member since: Feb 2019
My Code: 16TZRB

@DarkKnight @MajorTom mind to check and tells me what’s the problem? o.O

@DarkKnight help him please

Hello @SirPerseus,

I have answered this in the following topic:

God Speed! :trident: