why is my account locked??

can anyone tell me how to get my gamflip selling account unlocked? it get a error (Account Locked (Charge declined: CARD_LOST_OR_STOLEN) if i try to message someone about the items i just bought.
i was going thru my old cards on my account there was like 8 total and i wanted to delete a few just needed to check wich cards had money on them so i tried to buy something and i forgot one of the cards i had on this sight was reported lost by me a few weeks ago and now my accounts locked over a simple mistake.

If you haven’t already please open a ticket here and explain the situation

Hello Monte_Middaugh,

As @Noxcy has said, go to https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and submit a ticket if you have any problems or questions regarding your account lock. Since the reason they have given is a lost/stolen card, I’d advise speaking with one of the moderators, as they can futher explain the reason you have been locked out. Message back with your invite code, and they should reply back as quick as they can.


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