My account locked when i try to add my credit cards

Good day,

My credit cards are open, i have tried to add 4-5 times but system doesnt accept why not accepted idk and my account locked please could you open my account urgently, thanks


To open your account again you have to submit a ticket for a gameflip from there :

Tell them to open your account again and please be careful when you enter your card again! good luck.:blush:

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Good day, i have sent 3 tickets but nobody helped me in 1 week. Gameflip admins are sleeping…

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They will respond to you as soon as possible maybe they got a lot of tickets thats why! do not worry at all they will respond to you soon!

Hey Kadriye_Koc!

Sorry for the wait.

Could you please provide me your invite code or ticket number?

God Speed! :trident: