My account is locked for trying to put car only once!

Hello, i was trying to verify my identity for a while. I was adding a card to my account but it got declined for the first time. Then when i tried second time it said account locked! Can someone please help me unlock it? @DarkKnight can you help?

@Sparkling_Juice can you help? been waiting 6 days for a single verification :frowning:


I don’t work for Gameflip. I’m just helping out on forums as a normal Gameflip user so I am unable to help you with that.

For Gameflip matters, you have to contact support and/or wait for DarkKnight to reply you.
Support link vvv
If you already made a ticket to support, you could provide DarkKnight the ticket ID too.
You would need to provide your gameflip profile code here for DarkKnight to find which is your account.

E48FYH is my profile code

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