Why my account suspended?

After sending information to verify my identity, my account was locked for reasons of outside trading gameflip, why I again locked when I haven’t sold any products?
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Contact gameflip support thru ticket form here

Only support knows your case and can tell you, but there’s always a reason, and you should receive it when the account is suspended. If I have to guess, you probably have an alt account that got suspended triggering suspension for this account.

They should of send you a email telling you why.
You can always ask a moderator to go more into detail with the reason.

Most of the time there reason is spot on for the reason someone was banned.

Lucy :heart:

I received an email saying that my account is locked by another account, I still don’t understand because I haven’t sold it on gameflip so why am I locked by another account?

That sounds like a phishing email to me.

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