Why my phone number is blocked?

Im from ukraine and want to sell PGI codes, when i add my phone number its write"phone nuber is blocked". What i need to do? Can i sell without telephone?

I believe Ukraine numbers aren’t supported. You’ll most likely need a different number.

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Same here. I can’t verify my account because of the blocked phone message. I am from Spain, the customer service has only been able to tell me that there are registered users from Spain so it must be a problem with my phone company. Has anyone registered successfully from companies like Vodafone, Telefonica or Orange?

Hello @gamer_RHO,

I use a contract-less phone and I switch providers all the time. I am currently using O2, but I believe that I was fine using VOXI, which is a subsidiary of Vodafone.

Thank you!
If I am not mistaken O2 is a brand of Telefonica, so both Vodafone and Telefonica may be possible candidates for testing.
Another possible cause of the blockage could be that I am using a prepaid card, are you under contract?

Hello @gamer_RHO,

For my phone, I am not on a fixed contract.

I can switch my phone and provider to who and when I want, paying different prices each time.

I pay an average of £39 each month.