Phone number blocked

My phone number is blocked every time I try to enter it to verify my account. I’ve tried atleast 10 different phone numbers all of them it theyre blocked. Please help

My Country is Canada and my code is Q566M1

What is the country code of your phone number? If a moderator can help you they will need your invite code.


It’s canada and my code is Q566M1

Hello @Gaege_March, can you send me a PM with a screenshot of the error so I can look into this further?



It says that with every phone number I try.

Hey man. Can you plz check my pm been waiting since last week

Can you send my screenshots from the other numbers you try to use as well?


Hello @Vito, if this is related to the hacked purchases, we are still investigating it and we will answer you whenever we have a solution to the case.


Hello. @DunnBiscuit No it’s not related to the hacking issue. It’s about that account that got suspended for 30 days. They have passed been trying to contact u since last week

Ohh! Can you please PM me? I can’t seem to find your old PM. I’ll gladly check it for you.


Hey @DunnBiscuit done. Plz check pm




I have the same problem…

My invite code is

I have the same problem. I’m from Russia. Cannot register with different phone numbers. Support doesn’t help. They just state the fact that my phone does not fit. And do not offer any solutions other than “try another phone.” But I tried it, different carriers - it does not help!

“Unfortunately, We don’t work with void carriers, you can try to use another valid phone number from another carrier.”

“This is because you phone company is considering your phone as a VOIP number. Please try using a phone number from a different phone carrier.”

“The error of “Phone number is blocked” generally means that we will not allow that number to be used for any of several reasons, including a country we do not support, carrier we do not support, or type of phone we do not support, and a few other possible issues when Twillio (our telephony provider) does not support.”

Okay. And what I have to do with that?

My invite code is 2B1494.

Hello guys, regarding the Canadian numbers.

We are already preparing a fix and will deploy it pretty soon.

I’ll try to let you know once we have deployed it.

Regarding the RE phone numbers, I answered your ticket. Answer me that, so I can continue to provide you further assitance.

Thank you.

Support answered me already and wrote that Gameflip are not not currently support my country. Why no one warned me about that fact during the FLP ICO?

What’s wrong with my phone? Why all services over the world can work with my phone and verify it: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Citibank, but you are not able? This is incredible!

It is ludicrously in XXI century “not support your country” with one of the largest economies in the world and a huge gaming community. Why your team not working on that problem for months (years?)? Just fix that “phone number” issue, it is so easy to do and so much profit you get in future!


My issue is just: “phone number blocked” when I trying to verify my phone number. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried few numbers and carriers, but it doesnt work.

What is your country?