Phone number blocked

Thank you so much

same here! I am from Canada, phone number block, and my code is KSFB3B. Please fix it as soon as possible

Russian Federation

Hello guys, the CAD phone issue was solved. If ypou are still having problems, please contact us at

Regarding the Russian phone problem. we are still investigating it and whenever we have an answer we will let you know.

Thank you.


Did you receive my message? You asked about my country: Russian Federation.

Hi! It’s been a long time since last message, does there any news about blocked russian phone numbers? I still can’t spend my FLP… There are promos on your Telegram channel, but can’t try any of it… :frowning:

Please, PM me or answer a PM you sent me. I’ll be able to check this issue more quickly.


My phone number is blocked every time. Please help!
My country is Ukraine


Unfortunately, your region isn’t supported. You will need to use a phone from another region.

Bear in mind that we are working to have even more regions supported in the future.


Why don`t supported? Which regions are supported?

I cant verify phone. Im from Ukraine. Fix it please. Thanks.

I have the same problem. Can you help me?

My phone number is blocked every time I try to enter it to verify my account. My phone number is +375257799618

Is Serbia unsupported region, because i am and is not working for me?

I am from Serbia and I get same issue , i’ve tried 2 different phone numbers but still?

Can you tell me your phone number via PM and your phone carrier?


Phone number is blocked Russian Federation.Help please


Can you tell me which phone carrier you use?


Hello, I am from Serbia and my phone number is blocked. Please help! My carrier is MTS. Thanks.

Serbia phone numbers are all blocked unfortunately.

You will need to use a phone from another region.