Account has been suspended. Authentication challenges

Hello! For several days I have not received the sms-code to enter my account… Today I tried to get sms and my account was blocked. I received a sms code message stating that my account has been blocked. How is this possible? Please correct this problem.

invite code: AN5XGL

Hello! As i checked, your aqccount is unsuspended alrady.


I received a message on my phone about unlocking. I still can not log into my account. I do not receive a confirmation code on the phone.

I see.

I can remove the phone number from your account so you can verify your account again with the same phone number.

This will fix the problem. Should I proceed with this action?

Yes. Thank you.


I removed the phone number from your account.

Please, add the phone number again in order to register your account and you might received the verification code.

Thank you.

It does not help. The message with the code is not delivered

I added another phone number. I got the code.

Hello! I changed the phone number and mobile operator. I received messages for a month on the phone. Yesterday and today I do not receive messages on the phone. The problem does not disappear.

Same here. I already send email. My phone number removed and when i was trying to verify still not getting code. Also now i can’t add a number. It’s says ‘Too many attempts’.
My invite code: P46AVZ


In this specific case, you will need to wait 30 days to use your number again or use a new number.



I already tried 3 different number and still not getting verify code