My account was suspended kindly enable my account

Today my account was suspended and received following mail.

Hi Kalaiarasan Govindaraj,
We’ve suspended your account for the following reason:
Too many authentication challenges sent (25)
I waited more than a day, I didn’t received any text message from gameflip. so I put lot of request.
Still now I didn’t received any text message.
In my account I have near $150.
So kindly enable my account and solve this sms verification.
Kindly add any other authenticator app to solve this step…
this is my profile/invite code: GDK59R

Create a ticket here

Same here. I already send email. My phone number removed and when i was trying to verify still not getting code. Also now i can’t add a number. It’s says ‘Too many attempts’.
My invite code: P46AVZ

I already create it.

when will it happen to you?
Are you US Citizen?

Wait for a mod @RajSri143,
Mostic, best to wait for a reply from the mods , however it may be a while , around 1-2 days.

Hello, due to the reason you were suspended. I was able to remove the suspension fom the account. Try logging in into your account and let us know if you were able to.


Thanks for removing suspension.
I didn’t received security SMS, So kindly solve this issue.

I tried lot of time. But still I didn’t received code.( via text sms )
I need to transfer money and I have more than 10 gift cards, I need to sell them.
so kindly solve this issue quickly.


I answered your ticket.

Kindly change your Zendesk username if possible. If you can’t, you might get your support account suspended due to that name.

Also, there is no need to create multiple tickets. By doing this, you slow down the support team.

Thank you.

Zendesk Username mean. gameflip login username or forum user name…?
I can’t change the gameflip account username. I received temporary password via mail.
I didn’t received any text message still now( SMS ). so kindly solve this issue.
one request.
all my orders are completed. and I received amount from activity to USD wallet.
can you transfer it via my paypal address?
it will helpful to me.
if you want, I submit my all documents again.
i m waiting for your reply.

Thank you.

I created a ticket with this problem. my problem is not solved(

I just answered your ticket., again, there is no need to create a new ticket for the case.

Thank you.

I’ll check your ticket if you pm’d me with its number. Otherwise, the support team will check it asap.

Thank you.

Hello. #378048. Suspended account(. Too many authentication challenges sent (25)

I just answered your ticket.

We will continue any conversation over there.

Thank you.