Suspended Account for too many attempts of getting my security code via SMS

Hello, My account is suspended for too many attemps to get my security code, I was been able to login via the app but as a seller I need to be login on my PC, Like 4 days ago the site ask me to re login but when I did it I was asked for a security code located in the app, I put the code but it never works, so I requested the code via SMS but i never got it, I tried for this 4 days and I never get it and now I’m suspended for that reason.
I really need this to get solved, I’m a very good seller, I got almost 1000+ rep in 1 month so I hope this can be get fixed ASAP.

Invite Code: F6VFRP
Ticket: 353241

Are you using the iOS or Android app? If you’re able to receive text messages from Gameflip again then reinstall the app and checkmark “Make this the default device for answering challenges” when you are asked after the login. That should make the codes from the app work again.

What is your phone country code and network provider?

I’m using the android app, I can’t recieve gameflip msgs, but is like a loterry some times i get the sms from gameflip and sometimes like now I just can’t

@DunnBiscuit Can you help me?

I just edited all my post because now I’m suspended, I hope a moderator can help me to solve this


As I checked, your account was unsuspended.
Regarding the “too many attempts” issue, you will either need to use a new phone number, or wait 30 days to be able to try to use the phone number you are trying to use again.