Account suspended, please unlock

Account was suspended due to never receiving the mobile authentication codes and repeatedly trying to get in… I wasnt aware that could happen i was just trying to log in to buy some items. Please unlock my account . i think my account code is 686486. My id is Rageroni420 same as forum

I’m a seller on the site, my account has been suspended for the same reason 3 days ago and I haven’t gotten any answer yet neither for my support ticket nor direct message to the forum moderators. And I get message notifications on my phone from potential buyers since my listings are still up. big shame.

Sorry to hear about that. It is a real shame. I like gameflip but will take my business elsewhere because this is just not okay. The fact i had to go through a song and dance to even be able to post on fourms to maybe get it taken care of is very annoying.

The entire Gameflip text system is not working, I cannot access my account, make listings or contact my buyers. Can someone please get an engineer from GameFlip to fix the system? This is the second day I cannot access my account or make listings. I am a VIP seller with Ultra Club and never had any issues with texts until yesterday. Please fix your system or get a new provider that sends the security codes.

What this guy said.

Yup! This just happened to me too!

Hello @rageroni420 ,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

I have just removed the suspension on your account ok.

@enigma, could you please provide me your invite code so I can take a look into your account as well?

Also, regarding this SMS case, please use the following topic and follow the instructions I informed, if you are still having issues ok:

God Speed! :trident:

I have already sent you my profile code 2 days ago via forum message, anyway profile code: 6DJ4PX

My account has been suspended too due to the SMS issue. Please unlocked my account. Invite code is XLXNH2. @DarkKnight

Account unlocked but still not receiving the sms texts so all i can do is log in and look at things, cant post buy or sell. The keep making open up tickets and they’re just giving me the run around. I’ve done everything they’ve asked and still nothing.

Hi this is my ticketnumber: #684769

Thanks so much @DarkKnight!

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Kept getting prompted for the SMS verification but the code never arrived. Tried it over several days and almost a week. Then, all of a sudden my account was suspended.

I’ve opened several tickets on this, please help @DarkKnight!
Ticket #684164
Ticket #685089


Hello everyone,

Please refer to the following main topic for this case ok:

God Speed! :trident: