Phone number blocked Belgium

Hey! My phone number is blocked, so i can’t sell anything. I’m from Belgium and my code is 34G787
Is it possible to fix this ?
Thank you



Did you tried any other number?

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In didn’t, but what number could i try to use ? I just have mine

You don’t have spellings from any other country or something?

Hey, i just tried with a friend who is from Belgium, and it worked with his phone number. So it isn’t something with my country. Can i use his phone number while getting the money or isn’t that possible ?

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Of course You can use his number. it doesn’t matter at all :slight_smile:

Hey ! Thank you for the fast replies. What is the phone number actually for? Will he have to confirm all my transactions or get any messages about it ?

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No dont worry about it! you can confirm by yourself via website :smiley:

Good luck bro!

Okay, thank you

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You are very welcome bro Good luck!