will i qualify for $2 flash promo if i use discount code?

for e.g listing is $20, i use the 20% discount code, becomes $16. will i still get the $2?

Can i know which discount code of yours?

it was VALENTINE19, but it’s already over if im not wrong

I think you would.

I used a 5$ discount code on a 24$ item and it drop it to under 20$ and I got the 2$ still.

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Yes because the order still remains as its original. If You buy 23$ order and get 5$ discount it is still counted as 23

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hm… yikes i think i made a mistake haha…


Feb 16, 2019


$19.99 USD


$-3.99 USD

Processing Fee

$0.00 USD

Order Total

$16.00 USD

The item you bought was not 20$ or over

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It has to be $20 and up without the fee being added too.

At the end of the day its only 2$ and you could only get the $2 once. Its not a big deal if it get missed plus after getting the $2 you have to used it in the next 7 days or you lose it.

Still its nice Gameflip gives out saving.

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