Win a No Man's Sky PS4 Bundle! From Into The AM


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  • Would love to get my hands on a PS4 with No Man’s Sky!
  • I’d love to have the PS4 but will probably sell/give away the game itself.
  • Would like to have the game but would probably sell/give away the PS4
  • I’m uninterested in both.
  • I just don’t think that this should be in the forums even…

In the spirit of gaming (and kinda seeing if people would like another chance at a contest thing) I wanted to share this giveaway I found. It’s from a sight that sells Shirts, Gloving tools (those gloves that have lights on them and you do cool light shows in the dark) and other accessories. If the sight doesn’t want this post on here, I totally understand and will take it down if asked or will not mind if it suddenly disappears. But I just figured that it would be fun to have us all do another Giveaway since Gameflip’s own are quiet right now.

Submissions end on the 10th of August (That’s a Wednesday) and will be announced on the 12th!

This is some kind of Limited Edition version of the system, so I think it comes with extra Bells and Whistles. Though it doesn’t say what that includes, it seems to come with a gamecock with art in it and maybe some kind of metal case?

Good luck to anybody that wants to try and win!


Honestly a bit surprised that not more people have been taking part in this contest…wonder if it’s a general lack of interest or if it’s because nobody has noticed this yet…possibly will post this to the general section so as to get more people to see it.


So what’s a game that everyone would love to have, other then No Mans Sky, if they won a PS4?


I’d love to have Uncharted 4 or the Uncharted Nathan Drake collection.


Wait, does the collection come with Uncharted 4 or no? I have the three games for my PS3 (oddly enough, I still haven’t finished the second one :sweat:).


Been a while since I did a comment…been even longer since I saw a comment on here that wasn’t mine XD Where is all my contest people at!


Wow! 64 people have viewed this page, that’s probably the most I’ve ever seen :3


Only 14 days left everyone! That’s two weeks left!!! If you’ve been on the fence this whole time, now would be a great time to participate!!


And now there are only 12 days left!


If I could get my hands on the PS4 and No Man’s Sky I would literally cry everyday. Believe it or not, it would be my perfect birthday gift. And if I won, being in the hospital wouldn’t be so boring everyday. Good luck everyone!


Wow, I’m sorry that you’re in the hospital dude. I hope you’re able to recover soon. But yeah, I’m with you on the game. I would love to have the PS4 but I’ll probably sell the game in the end ya know?