Withdraw problems

I made a withdraw but is saying needs approval I don’t know what’s wrong My profile code is LM3UWU @DarkKnight

Hello @Greatone,

I have verified your account and can see that the withdraw was paid successfully.

Keep in mind that withdraws could take 2 days to be approved ok.

God Speed! :trident:

Could you check my account? My profile Code B7MJL1
I also got an status Needs approval on my last withdraw

account code: WTSKBZ

@DarkKnight Hello DarkKnight, i would like your help to. So i am kinda noob to gameflip, only have sold two axies, and i try to withdraw with wise (i had linked my wise with revolut account, but didnt confirm it so i didnt had an iban on wise). SO i falsely entered my revolut iban and bic, on the wise withdrawal… Can you cancel it please, there isnt much time i did it, so i can try it again succsfully through wise? Can you check please?
Thank you.