Won twitter giveaway, but received nothing

Hi there. I won a giveaway last friday on twitter but atill have not received the credits. I sent messages to the gameflip account several times but I think they didn’t read them.

I’m @marcioc2508 on twitter, btw.


:gift::santa: MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS! :santa::gift:



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β€” Gameflip (@Gameflip) December 21, 2019
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@MajorTom @DarkKnight I would really appreciate any help you could give.
Happy Holidays (/Merry Christmas), btw. Hope you guys have a great week!

It has been more than 100 hours after the Giveaway that I won on Gameflip’s Twitter and still have received no promised credits from the giveaway. They are still making more giveaways there and ignoring my messages.
Profile code: 2EE2ML

@DunnBiscuit could you please have a look at this case? I won the giveaway almost 6 days ago but have received no prize at all. And the twitter page is ignoring my messages even though they’re replying to other people.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight any chances that I will get the prize ($20) that I won on the Xmas giveaway? I still have not received it…

Hello Ticio_Mevio,

Sorry for my delayed response, I will check this for you.

hey, @MajorTom can you check my post and give me any aswer on this, please?
Insane spamming in rocket league for ps4!

thank you and happy holidays!

Eveb though it was delayed, thank you for the response and for adding the credits (not sure if it was you who added them, because finally they answered my message on twitter :P).
But in any case I appreciate the reply.

Problem has been solved. Hope everyone here have an amazing upcoming New Years Eve!!!

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