Would anyone pay for a Rocket League XP boosting service?

I found an automated way to level up accounts on xbox and can make 1 million XP/day. Youll get rocketeer in a week and a half at this rate and id charge $10/day for the service. Just wondering if people would actually wanna pay for this.

You can’t sell accounts here so buyers would have to give you access to their account which seems risky. I’m not sure if Gameflip is the right place to sell this service.

Yeah i wasnt gonna sell accounts but rather boost other people’s. Ive done this with Destiny on eBay and understand people woumd have to trust. Also i would too like to know the guidelines on this type of service. My shop on gameflip has almost 800+ sales which would help people understand the legitimacy of my business. But if its against guidelines ill gladly follow them :slight_smile: