WTB Halo MCC and Halo 5 game cases

This may sound like an odd desire but I own both of these digitally so that I could game share them with my father. I am trying to get these two game cases however to put with my halo 5 collectors edition statues which have all my other halo games between them.

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Hey sorry for the late reply but I am totally glad I have found you!
I myself am a HUGE HALO collector. so I know exactly what you mean.
I myself collect and SELL over 700 REPLACEMENT Game cases
Sadly I only have 1 for Halo 5 which i need for my collection but once i get another id be happy to sell you one.

Also comment back when you can I have tons of games, cases, and accessories for sale, even halo items.
If you have other loose games that you need cases for let me know and I will see if i have one in stock.