2 way authenticator

Heya gameflip.

Yesterday i tried to login at gameflip.
Remembered my username… did a password reset.
That all worked .
After that i tried to login. A text message was sent, but, to my old phone number i forgot the number about and don’t have access anymore.
So after that, i tried to create a ticket.But for that i need a Friend Invite Code.
Is there anyway my mobile number could be reset so i can login again?

Thanks in advance!

Create the support ticket again, but in the Invite Code form, put in the full phone number you originally registered on Gameflip. Support can use your invite code, phone number, or email address to look up your account.

Thanks for the answer… Will do my best to remember what my old phone number was :confused:

Tried it with my old phone number… still cannot create a thread :confused:

You can put anything on the invite code, just make sure you put your full phone number and email you used to create the account in the body of the ticket along with the explanation. (Make sure to say you add a random number on invite code so we don’t look for the wrong account)

Thanks for this… found a random invite code on the internet.
Used that one.
Finally could create a ticket =]

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