"A Full Refund"

So i paid $3.36 for a Rocket League Steam Item, and the seller ended up not contacting me back, so I hit cancel on the order. It says “Your order has been cancelled. A full refund has been credited to your account”. In my balance there is only $0.89. Since I paid with paypal, is the rest of the money being returned to my paypal?

Yes. Whenever a purchase is canceled by the buyer, the funds return to the original source.
Since you paid with PayPal, that’s where the money will go.

Hi, soo i bought a minty pickaxe and after it said the funds have been credited to your account i got to my wallet and i go to activity and it says that it was refunded but i cant find a way to use the moeny and its not in my paypal or my card :frowning:

The site doesn’t use PayPal anymore and refunds to credit card/debit card can take several days to show on your statement.