Missing refund not in wallet

I purchased the wrong item and was given a refund but the money is not in my wallet

You can open a ticket to Support as well as including your profile code/Order ID here so people who can help can check when they look at the topic.
How long has it been and what method used could affect the timing vvv

I used cash app to buy it. Do you think its gonna take a few days for it to come through?

If you bought by a credit card, refunds will go back to your card, not the wallet.

Hello @OrangeTooth630 ,

Could you please provide me the order ID so I can take a look?

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This is my code ZFDBH7 and this is the order number


Hello @OrangeTooth630,

I have verified your order and can see that the seller cancelled it on 03/01.

So you will receive the funds from the refund into your bank account approximately 3–14 business days after the date on which the refund was initiated (this time frame all depends on your bank and how they handle refunds).

Please note that refunds may appear in the form of a reversal. In the case of a reversal, the original payment will drop off of your statement, and a separate credit is not issued.

In cases such as this, the issuing bank waits for the authorization hold to expire before the cancellation is reflected on your statement.

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Ok thank you… 1 more thing why is my account blocked it keeps telling me i put the wrong credit card to many times which is a lie