A Neutral rating I Dont Deserve

So someone gives me a neutral rating saying

''I got the skin and stuff but I did not get the v buck idk what happened but it a good skin"

i would like to say i 100% dont deserve this rating as it is impossible for the customer to not have received the vbucks as there are only 2 types of Fortnite Neo Versa Codes one with 500 or one with 2000 vbucks so how has support told me this review is fair.

Hello @iMRxzorZz,

Please check the following topic:

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Checked it out and contacted support with no result this rating is unfair because what the consumer is saying is impossible to happen

Its probably because he activated it on PS4/5 and then went on playing on a different platform. They are locked to the platform they redeemed it on.

And it is in fact not possible to get no V-Bucks.