-Automatic Neutral Rate- after dispute closed.

Why after Gameflip closed dispute in my favor we get neutral rate? 4th time someone opened me dispute, he purchased region locked gift card from me and dont read description and product details. He want refund. I cant refund because he saw the code. and Gameflip says all sales are final for digital codes. This is his problem because he dont read the description and product details.He escalated dispute and after 1 day dispute closed in my favor. But like old 3 escalated disputes after closed dispute I get automaticly Neutral Rate. Why??? I have strived for maximum customer satisfaction and aimed for ZERO negative feedbacks but why we get Automatic Neutral rate after we win a dispute???

How were you informed that you received a neutral rating, from a Gameflip notification message, or do you see your Neutral score increased by 1?

I see increase neutral score +1 after dispute closed by Gameflip

Had the same problem. Talked about it here:

Gameflip indeed gives you neutral rating after closing dispute in your favor. This is wrong and needs to be changed.

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Same! Got my first neutral rating that way.
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Is it possible to remove it?

And i got another neutral rate for no reason dispute closed in my favor again. Gameflip need to be fix this problem. I dont want get neutral rate after the escalated dispute closed.

Hello guys, thanks for reporting.

Please open a ticket here for each of your cases.

Our team will be able to help you further.

Thank you.

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Thank you. I sent a ticket.

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