A search type for NCVR (Rocket League)

Does anyone think adding a search type for NCVR (Non Crate Very Rare) for Rocket League is a good idea?

I often search for bundles or sets of items to purchase but all I mostly see are listings for NCVR which are used to trade up which makes it difficult to find items using custom or bundle. I think adding a search type for NCVR would help sort this out.

It’s just a suggestion. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @RE5TY!

Since NCVRs are getting more popular on Gameflip, it could be feasible.

I’m not sure it would be the greatest idea of having a section for 1 item, but it could work!

Hey @Aeralo !

I think it would be neat since NCVR is the second most sold item on the RL section behind credits.

Appreciate the reply! :slight_smile:

Hello @RE5TY,

I think that if Gameflip were to add a new Type, it should be ‘Trade-Up’.

Other non-crate items may not be as popular, but they still count as trade-up items.

On the other hand, there are many items such as Bodies, Wheels, Boosts, which count as non-crate items but are already in a section.


Hello @Aeralo
I think that would be great if you ask somebody to create this search type! Thank you for your reply on this topic