A shout out to all that make Gameflip great ✌️


I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. I run a company that serves over 3000 customers. In the last 8 years I’ve learned that in business even if you keep 99% of your customers happy they never seem to be the ones you hear from. It’s that very small percentage of customers that were upset or unhappy that seem to be in your ear constantly. This is the reason for my post.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the admins, mods and Gameflip users that make this site great. Flipping has been a great pass time for me to help keep the stress of everyday life down and to make some money from playing games which is amazing.

@DunnBiscuit @Tali @SweeTooth


I can’t remember everybody’s user name but there are so many more to thank. Keep up the good work and keep on flipping :v::v::+1:


Gameflip is a wondeful site/app, like other sites/apps gameflip does have its flaws but they have came a long way.
They’re getting better, better with each day/month/year.

It would never be perfect but it does not have to be because
Its a amazing site/app that cares for its customers and the customers care for other customers, cares for the staff too.
(Some people may get upset because how they handle things but take the time to see how hard the job could be before going off on staff for something you did wrong or a simple error on gameflip part.)

Yes some people may not say they don’t but if they truely didn’t they would of never grow the best buying/selling gift cards site/app in my opinion.

Gameflip will become so much bigger just watch.

Lucy :heart:


I came back here just to say thank you so much for your words, comments like these help us a lot and motivate us too!


Thank you @Habs, this motivates us a lot! You know we are not perfect, but we do try our best to give you guys the best customer experience there is.

Let’s keep on flipping!


You’re welcome. Every once in a while a customer of mine will send a card or something saying thank you and it does make a difference.

Thank you all for making Gameflip great :+1:


I hope the month gone was not to much for you. :yum:
We missed you.

Welcome back home aka the fourms lol

Lucy :heart:



After reading through the post today I remind you that helpful forum members are a huge asset to Gameflip.

Just a friendly reminder…thank you for helping. Sometimes being the first to respond means your the first to get blasted by unhappy customers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nice! Hope You do good in life. Having a purpose and do the stuff You love is priceless. Good luck


agreed. 100%