Message for gameflip team!

Thanks for gameflip team for all your efforts, you really help me to sell my cards here fast and easy.
However, I have some advice to you, the CEO of gameflip!
You have very good website and one of kind, but the lake of support team (I think one or two run all the show) can not answer and fix members problems… I understand you earning alot… but it is still not enough! you could get gameflip worth billions of dollars! all you need is to extend the support team, offer online chat, phone support and I’m sure you’ll have very successful website. don’t let the few thousands of bucks make you lazy… But if you really hard working man then it is time for you to pay for bigger support team and relax watching the process from your office, you’ll get much more revenue.

P.S. wish there would be more payment/withdraw options for subscribed members (at least bank transfer!)

Thanks for your feedback!

We are working to increase our support team so we can diminish the reply time to the tickets and requests we receive.

We are also working to have the bran transfer option available soon for US residents.

Have a great day!