Add live support to gameflip please.

Many people are having issues with this site because you guys are so suspicious that many people’s accounts have been suspended. No one likes the fact that response to emails are extremely slow and some admins only reply at night. If you guys managed to invest some money to create live support, everything would go much faster and everyone will be happier. I hope you guys listen.


Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. Unfortunately this would just not be feasible at this stage. We are still a small team and as much as we’d like having a 24/7 live chat, it’s just too costly.

Please note that Gameflip’s time zone is PST and work Monday - Friday and part time on weekends. As well as take into consideration that we receive hundreds of emails a day and Support will get back to you as quickly as they can.

I’m not quite sure I understand your suspended comment. But if an account is suspended, that’s because of the user themselves violating the ToS or doing suspicious/fraudulent activities.

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still waiting for when you will hire me as a part time BUR! lol. ( phone issues still arent fixed btw… 3+ months later.)