live chat is needed

i understand takes 24hrs for a response if a request is submitted…but if a person respond less then 5 mins from a email from gameflip…why there is no immediate response…have two wait another 13-24 hrs…even though it was a simple yes or no answer…Emailing is not enough… Having live chat from certain hours would actually help out more… especially for verification… this is a good site…but customer service wise…long ways to go…

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Hey Mr,

Thank you for your feedback, we are weorking harder to improve our Customer Service in all areas.

We will consider what you said.

Have a great day!

we pay the processing fee, but cs is sucks

Yes i second that suggestion. Live chat is must have feature of any serious and professional markeplace site that can solve many serious issues. Mailing seems like so 2000’ to me.

I’ve been with Gameflip for almost 2 years now. As a featured store on Gameflip with over 2,000 perfect ratings, I must say I am very disappointed this time around. It has been 7 days since I submitted 2 tickets, one for a buyer who accidentally cancelled a transaction which resulted in an unfair automatic negative rating and another ticket for a seller who sold me an Amazon gift card and provided a fake code that wasn’t even in the format of an Amazon gift card code. My ticket for the unfair rating is still open, but Gameflip keeps merging and closing my ticket that is reporting the scammer and asking for a cancellation so I can be refunded. I am being very patient, but please look into these two problem.

Hey @ModernRetro see this:

Thank you.